SARBEY: Ate Vi as a National Artist

by seibmacdaniel

After Nora Aunor being moved to be a national artist, House Deputy Speaker Lorenzo “Erin” Tañada meanwhile did the same thing for Batangas Representative Vilma Santos.

Funny to think of it, until now people cannot get over the nora-vilma tandem when it comes to their field of being artists. As a result, the new move to proclaim someone as a national artist is obviously a move to retain the said tandem in a way. I am no Vilma fan, I’ve seen her movies and I don’t really give her claps. However, mother tells me that she appreciates Vilma’s acting, and that she’s one of the pillars of the Philippine entertainment industry.

So cut it short,  give her the title if she’s qualified.

But it’s still a crappy act when we look at it in a bigger picture. I’m beginning to think that Lorenzo did this in order to add something to his portfolio. Why only now did he go for this? Oh yes, our hobby of “panggagaya” to be noticed.

Another wave of cyber citizens’ eyebrows twitched when this issue was released. Not because Vilma doesn’t deserve this, but because of the same reasons I have. Considering the comments from my post about Nora Aunor, issues regarding Vilma’s alleged corruption and her husband’s issues also surfaced coming from those who don’t agree to the bill passed by Tañada.

Golez: Ate Guy gawing national artist

Noranians: Mabuhay!

Anti-Noranians: National Addict!

Tañada: Hmmmm Di pa ako naka-quota sa mga naipasang bills.. Alam ko na! Vilma gawing national artist

Cyber citizens: BOO!!! Gaya-gaya

Vilmanians: She deserves it!

It’s a bright day: (Roll eyes)

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