SARBEY: Nora Aunor as a National Artist, Say mo?

by seibmacdaniel

It has been reported and quite a talk of the cyberspace that Nora Aunor is being proposed as a national artist, thanks to Bacolod Rep. Anthony Golez Jr. This proposal gained positive and negative reactions. Nora Aunor has contributed a lot of achievements to the Philippine Arts especially in acting and singing. Some of her outputs include Himala, Paru-Parong Itim, Dalawang Mukha ng Tagumpay, and  Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos. She has also won several Best Actress awards from different ceremonies but others are not convinced for the approval of the proposal because of cases like her issue on drugs.

According to, to qualify as a National Artist, the following guidelines are followed: 1) Filipino artists who have made significant contributions to the cultural heritage of the country; 2) Filipino artistic accomplishment at its highest level and to promote creative expression as significant to the development of a national cultural identity; and 3) Filipino artists who have dedicated their lives to their works to forge new paths and directions for future generations of Filipino artists. These guidelines appear to be hard to measure and can be determined by how people can measure it.

For my say, I think she’s earned the recognition if approved although I was not in the same era as my mother who appreciates her. Stating the issue on drug abuse I think is below the belt, but in a way it is quite a disappointment. Some would say that it’s out of her being an artist. However, I agree with what Boy Abunda once said about being in showbiz, once you decided to go for showbiz you decided to go public, whatever it is. I think that Nora could ha’ve taken more precaution in doing things because a lot of people look up to her. If it’s my first time to hear about her and it’s about her drug abuse issue then I won’t really have good vibes and won’t consider what greatness she’s achieved.

So what’s your say?

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