20 reasons why he dislike the Philippines

by seibmacdaniel



I saw this video about an american staying in Cebu and citing 20 reasons why he hate the Philippines, my response?

1. Sure the truth hurts, but the Philippines need not some foreigner talk trash the country and yet cannot think of one thing to resolve the issues.

2. You don’t look like you should be on TV

3. If there is no tissue in the CR then wash your ass with water.

4. if the food is filthy then crap, don’t eat it.

5. If you don’t want a plastic for your gum then f**k, tell the cashier not to.

6. So some people always yearn for tips, that’s the only way they can survive, what do you expect?

7. you got some weird issues about tissue man!

8. just help the beggars, if you’re in doubt then don’t judge just help.

9. never been in a traffic situation?

10. So koreans are loud, and you are just as a loud empty coconut shell

11. No insects in the US?

12. Yeah right! talk about terrorism man! You have to focus on your terrorists as well.

13. The unfinished construction might fall on you. Watch out!

14. You don’t need whitening products so get out of here!

15. You’re not really doing any good

16. Then get your adult products somewhere outside the Philippines

17.Those security guards have worked longer hours in a day than you ever had in your life

18. If you don’t want to see someone pissing along the road then don’t do it!

19. People have nothing to say to you but to give back your words.

20. Truth hurts man! and yes I admit that those are few things i myself hate about this countryand I wish that the government and the people cooperates; but the Filipino people will not adjust to you, just so you know, you’re the foreigner here. We can live without you. Some Americans, instead of doing what you do, they try to live the life in the Philippines, they sell taho, they  drive the jeepney, they speak Tagalog- why? Because they know that complaining isn’t gonna make things better. They observe a trait called “pakikisama”. They are in the Philippines so they have to adapt to this country, they have to learn the culture, the people, the food, the economy, and the totality of it.

That’s the only way to experience the best of the Philippines and you just didn’t give it a chance.

Sucks to be you. :p

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